Worker fuming after discovering massive item in office fridge

Worker fuming after discovering massive item in office fridge

An office worker had a furious reaction after seeing something in the communal fridge they deemed unacceptable for the shared space.

An irate worker has made their unsavoury feelings about a peculiar office act known in a massive letter displayed inside the fridge for all to see.

The furious letter, typed in capital letters and expanded to take up an entire A4 piece of paper, took aim at the person behind a huge watermelon that had been stored on the office fridge’s top shelf.

“REALLY???? AN ENTIRE WATERMELON???????” the outraged author wrote. “AND A HUGE ONE AT THAT,” they added.

A photo of the letter, which had been stapled to the plastic bag that contained the massive fruit, was photographed and uploaded to Facebook on Friday.

“In the fridge at work,” the woman responsible for the post wrote.

More than 1000 people reacted to the hilarious display, which left dozens in stitches at the thought of someone becoming so furious at the watermelon, they took the time to type, print and staple the letter to the bag.

“Someone was so mad they took the time to type, change the font size, and print this out. They then went to staple it to the thing. This watermelon ruined their weekend,” one response read.

Others took the side of the peeved letter writer, saying they too would have been annoyed if they opened the work fridge to see a humungous watermelon inside.

“100 per cent relatable sign. Worked many jobs with office fridges. That’s some unnecessary bullsh** right there. I’d take that f***ing thing out in a heartbeat, if I couldn’t fit my own s**t,” one wrote.

Some were perplexed at what appeared to be a rather small fridge.

“The real concern here is why is the fridge to tiny?” someone said.

“Top shelf so if the shelf breaks it takes everything else out with it,” another wrote.

“Go big or go home. They went big, then went home. Best of both,” someone else said.

Others argued there was no need for the watermelon to be in the fridge in the first place.

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