What’s at the top of Fansipan (Fansipan), the roof of Indochina?

Fansipan peak is known as the “roof” of Indochina with a height of about 3,147m above sea level. Here, visitors can experience conquering the challenging mountain for themselves or experience the cable car system and touch the clouds when standing from the top of Fansipan. In addition, visitors can also visit the harmonious beauty of people, architecture and nature at the Fansipan Legend complex, which can be mentioned as the tallest bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha in Vietnam at that time. current point.

The rich vegetation from the foot of the mountain to the top of Fansipan includes many different trees and flowers, there are hundreds of years old trees over 50m high. Interspersed between the coniferous forest is a system of colorful flowers: dahlia, gladiolus, … and more than 20 different species of azaleas.

What’s at the top of Fansipan (Fansipan), the roof of Indochina?

About the top of Fansipan mountain in Lao Cai

Where is Fansipan peak?

This mountain peak is located in the middle of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 9km southwest of Sapa town. Hoang Lien Son mountain range is about 280m long, including three main blocks: Bach Moc Luong Tu, Pu Luong and Fansipan of which the widest position is 75km and the narrowest is 45km.

At the foot of Fansipan peak are attractive tourist sites such as: Coc San, Coc Le, … The terrain has a large altitude difference from the foot to the top of the mountain, helping visitors to climb Fansipan peak to experience a lot of vegetation. and different weather in the same journey.

The beauty of “Roof of Indochina”

Visitors can travel to the foot of Fansipan peak by Fanxipan Express bus, information:

Frequency: 2 trips/day
Departure time: 7:00 and 22:00
Ticket price: 650,000 VND/double cabin – 2 people/way

No. 1, Luong Van Can Street, Hoan Kiem District
No. 1, Gao market, Hoan Kiem district
Gate of the University of Foreign Languages
Gate of Hoa Binh Park – opposite Nam Thang Long bus station
Noi Bai Airport (airport surcharge 50,000 VND)

When is the best season to climb Fansipan peak?

Sapa town is cool all year round, the air is fresh, so depending on the desire to experience, visitors can choose the appropriate time to travel to Fansipan peak. Here are massnews.net’s suggestions about 4 ideal times to conquer this tourist destination:

January – March: At this time, visitors can see the entire space of the Northwest mountains on the journey to climb Fansipan peak, at this time Sapa forest is filled with pink peach blossoms and pure white. plum or azalea flowers bloom at the end of March. This is also the time when many traditional festivals of the local people take place.

August: The beginning of autumn at this time is cloudy, cloudy will be the ideal conditions for tourists who want to hunt clouds on the top of Fansipan Sapa.

September – October: This is the ideal time to see the beautiful scenery of terraced fields with the golden color of ripe rice. Or participate in the rice harvest festival of the indigenous people. At this time, the sky is clear, with little rain, so it is also suitable for the photography needs of many tourists.

December: This is almost the only time of the year when Fansipan peaks have snowfall. However, at this time, the weather is quite harsh, the temperature is low, so visitors need to pay attention to prepare warm clothes and observe the weather at the top of Fansipan before deciding to explore this place.

The beauty of Fansipan in the snowy season

Experience conquering Fansipan peak

Located at an altitude of 3,147m above sea level, Fansipan is not only the highest mountain in Vietnam but also the highest mountain in Indochina. The difference in altitude and biodiversity of this place promises to bring visitors many fascinating experiences.

Experience the cable car ride to the top of Fansipan

Traveling by cable car to the top of the mountain is a time-saving option that is suitable for travelers traveling with families with elderly people and children. Fansipan Legend’s cable car system has achieved 2 Guinness records with a total length of 6,292.3; The difference between stations is about 1,410m.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery from Fansipan climbing cable car

Visitors can both sit on the cable car and feel the beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests, watching the rhododendrons bloom brilliantly.

Cable car station: Fansipan Road is about 3km northwest of the city center
Cable car ticket price to climb Fansipan peak: 700,000 VND/adult; 500,000 VND/child.
Opening hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm daily
In addition, visitors can experience the Fansipan mountain climbing train to see the beautiful Muong Hoa valley from above.

Fansipan mountain train

Ticket price for mountain climbing train: 200,000 VND/adult; 150,000 VND/child.
In particular, buying combos with Fansipan cable car, visitors will receive a direct discount of 50,000 VND on the ticket price. Visitors can buy tickets at MGallery hotel or ticket counter in Fansipan Legend.

Travel time from the foot of the mountain to the top of Fansipan will be about 15 minutes/way. In addition, visitors can also visit Thanh Van Dac Lo and Bich Van Thien Tu shops located in Fansipan Legend campus, included in the ticket price.

Try to conquer Fansipan by yourself

There are 4 different paths to climb this highest mountain in Vietnam, but at the medium difficulty level and the most chosen by many people is the Tram Ton route. About the first 2,000m, the gentle road is not too difficult to go, but from 2,800m to the top of Fansipan, there are many quite steep sections, the road is quite difficult to go, in return from here visitors can see the majestic mountain scenery with their own eyes. great.

Tourists climb Fansipan peak

In addition, visitors can also refer to other routes to conquer Fansipan peak such as Sin Chai – Tram Ton road or Fansipan mountain climbing route from Cat Cat village.

Note: Climbing to conquer Fansipan peak will take about 3-6 days depending on each person’s health and is only suitable for people with endurance, flexibility and basic climbing skills. Moreover, to minimize energy consumption and avoid getting lost, visitors should hire a local “porter” at a cost of about 300,000 – 500,000 VND/porter/2 pax/day.

The beauty of the mountain top when viewed from above

Some things to prepare in advance to conquer Fansipan peak by forest road are safer:

Specialized clothing for climbing includes climbing shoes, comfortable clothes, sticks and hats, etc.
Prepare a sleeping tent. Because in the journey to conquer the top of Fansipan mountain, there are 2 stops at 2,200 and 2,800 degrees, the temperature drops to about 8-15oC in summer and only about 1-5oC in winter. Therefore, visitors should actively prepare sleeping bags and warm clothes.

Pre-workout with stair-walking exercises with three los

Check-in on the top of the mountain

What’s special on the top of Fansipan mountain?

Stepping out of the cable car station, visitors will have the opportunity to experience many cultural and spiritual attractions located in Fansipan Legend such as Bamboo Garden, Bich Van Thien Tu, Bao An Thien Tu, etc. Attractive benefits such as restaurants, shopping areas, etc.

In particular, on the top of Fansipan, there is a bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha 21.5m high – This is the symbol of Sun World Fansipan Legend. Accompanying it is the Arhat path with 18 statues and many other Buddhist works that bring the feeling of the ecstatic Western place by the scenery floating in the clouds.

Buddha statue on top of Fansipan

Sapa Heaven Gate on the top of Fansipan is where visitors can feel the “footstepping” on the clouds as well as the majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains. Standing at the gate of heaven, visitors can feel the beauty of a completely different world, the border point between the mortal world and the fairy world. The primeval forest is deep, mysterious and full of life.

Heaven’s Gate on the top of the mountain

Sun World Legend on the top of Fansipan is a city in the clouds designed like a “garden of paradise” with a large and lively space completely different from other tourist destinations in Sapa. Not only has many facilities, but this place also gathers many beautiful architectures that make your trip more experience.

Fansipan peak is located at an altitude of 3,147m where visitors touch steel milestones, taking pictures to check-in in the middle of the sky is a feeling that makes many visitors difficult.

Fansipan Peak

Visit Ha Pagoda to write a letter of peace and fortune for the family. After that, visitors continue to pass 600 stone steps to the Upper Pagoda and discover the majestic design. Listen to the sound of temple bells echoing and feel the peaceful beauty at the top of Fansipan.

Stop at Van Son Tra Quan to learn more about the tea ceremony culture of the ancient Confucianists. Enjoy a warm cup of tea in the cold of the Northwest mountains and listen to the melodious music.