Toad poisoning


Toads have glands in their skin that secrete substances that are bad tasting to cats and that can cause local irritation and drooling. At least two toad species, the Colorado toad (Bufo alvarius) and the marine toad (Bufo marinus) are very toxic. Should you observe your cat mouthing or playing with a toad, flush his or her mouth thoroughly with water (a carefully directed stream from a garden hose can be effective). Contact with poisonous toads requires immediate veterinary care as well, since heart irregularities often develop that can result in death less than thirty minutes after contact.



toad-poisoning-300x218 Toad poisoning

Fishhooks become embedded easily in the skin. Once the barb has passed under the skin, a hook will not fall out on its own. The only way to remove it is to push the barb through the skin. Once through, cut the curved part of the hook just below the barb and pull the rest of the hook back out through the original hole. Often this procedure is too painful to be accomplished without anesthesia, so don’t be surprised if you need the help of a veterinarian. Veterinary services are needed to administer appropriate antibiotics as well. Unless the hook was extremely clean, this type of wound is likely to become infected.