This secret In-N-Out menu item went viral on TikTok. There's just one problem: It's fake

In-N-Out Burger sign.
In-N-Out Burger sign.

A TikTok video by @aldo.nxri about an In-N-Out secret menu item went viral recently, drawing 70,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares since being posted Aug. 24. In the video, he shows off his “doggy style” fries that are topped with cheese and chopped hotdogs. 

The comments were a mix of excitement from those who took it seriously and jokes from those who seemed to consider the post parody.

AdRiAn commented: “Just ordered some! They told me to meet em out back. I’ll update you guys.”

kenz, who presumably works at the fast food chain, wrote: “[T]ik[T]ok makes my job HELL.”

And JD commented: “Bro now I gotta deal with ‘I seen on tiktok you guys have these hotdog fries.'”

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