The richer the night, the deeper the mystery: Mortlach Midnight Malt 30 Year Old invites secrets to be revealed

The richer the night, the deeper the mystery: Mortlach Midnight Malt 30 Year Old invites secrets to be revealed

Midnight – is it the cresting pinnacle of the night or is it the dark dawn of a new day? It’s no wonder that the mysterious hour, with its unsettling sense of transmutation, sometimes evokes stirring conversations among those who encounter it. Now, there’s a sip to accompany this soiree: Mortlach Midnight Malt 30 Year Old.

Its character – aged and ripe – inspires hush, forbidden discussions. And its journey down the palette – one that emboldens the drinker to the core – invites sweet revelations of the deepest secrets.  


Mortlach’s own secret lies in a very specific number: 2.81.

That’s the number of times the spirit is distilled to achieve its rich and brassy character. This intricate distillation process, known simply as The Way, was invented in 1896 by Dr Alexander Cowie and remains unchanged to this day.

The whisky drifts through three wash stills and three spirit stills – all gleaming copper but each a different shape and size. To turn vapour into liquid spirit, Mortlach uses traditional worm tub condensers (wooden tubs with coiled copper pipes submerged in cold water) – one of the few remaining distilleries in Scotland to do so.


Used as the cornerstone for other iconic blends, Mortlach has been hovering in the shadows as a best-kept secret in the world of whisky for more than 70 years.

With Mortlach Midnight Malt 30 Year Old, master blender Craig Wilson unveils an audacious whisky derived from an ageing of 30 years with a unique three-cask finish. Matured from a combination of refill American oak and European oak, the single malt whisky blend is finished in Bordeaux, Guatemalan Rum and Calvados seasoned casks. The final blend is achieved by marrying the formula in custom quarter casks.

The result is one full of depth – the dark amber liquid boasts a lush, winey palate, dashes of spicy intensity and underlying elements of umami and savoury.

It’s this almost-brute personality that has earned Mortlach its nickname: The Beast of Dufftown. It’s an apt persona – the whisky proudly upturns the conventional idea of a Speyside whisky to deliver a big and bold punch packed with sulphured, meaty tones.

With only 350 bottles released annually, Mortlach 30 Year Old is available to a small club of luminaries. Encased in a slatted box with hues of moonlight upon midnight blue, the bottle reveals itself like a trophy when opened, majestic and bold.  


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