Porter docs to remain secret for a decade

Porter docs to remain secret for a decade

Former attorney-general Christian Porter will have to pay costs after losing an appeal against a Federal Court decision banning his barrister from acting in his defamation case.

A Federal Court judge on Monday ordered Mr Porter’s appeal to be dismissed and that he would have to pay for his opponents court costs.

The judge further ruled that a number of documents related to the case will remain suppressed for the next decade.

“The court delivered its reasons for its judgment on July 14, 2022, and invited the parties to consider the court’s reasons,” Justice Anthony Besanko said.

“The parties have done that and the court is prepared to make the order … the appeal (is) dismissed.”

Jo Dyer launched legal action last year, which resulted in top defamation barrister Sue Chrysanthou SC being banned from representing Mr Porter in his case against the ABC.

Mr Porter launched the appeal in April to overturn the court’s decision, which resulted in Mr Porter being ordered to pay $430,000 of Ms Dyer’s costs.

Ms Dyer claims the defamation lawyer was given “confidential information” while advising Ms Dyer on a separate matter in 2020.

Ms Chrysanthou subsequently began working for Mr Porter in a defamation case he launched against ABC over a news story that referred to an unnamed cabinet minister being accused of rape.

The minister was later revealed to be Christian Porter, who has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Ms Dyer was friends with the woman who claimed she was raped. The woman declined to be interviewed by police and took her own life.

Ms Dyer was a potential witness for the ABC in the defamation proceedings.

The documents that Justice Besanko ordered to remain suppressed until August 15, 2032 included unredacted court exhibits and transcripts of proceedings held behind closed doors.

In the matter of a cross-appeal launched by Ms Chrysanthou, the court ruled it be dismissed with no orders to cost.

Mr Porter was not required to appear in court.

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