‘No uterus, no opinion’: Protesters gather around Australia

‘No uterus, no opinion’: Protesters gather around Australia

Abortion rallies protesting the overturning of Roe V Wade went ahead in Sydney and Melbourne on Saturday, after huge crowds met in Brisbane and Adelaide.

Thousands of people across Australia have joined in protests to protect the abortion rights of people with a uterus on Friday night and Saturday.

A sea of pro-choice protesters are gathering at Melbourne’s State Library Victoria, laden with signs and warm clothes.

“Defend the right to abortion for any and all women and trans people who want it — abortion must be free, safe, legal, and on demand,” says the event Facebook page.

The rally will hear from a range of speakers — including Greens Senator Dorinda Cox, frontline health workers, sex history researchers and more — before making its way through Melbourne’s streets.

Hundreds gathered at Newcastle museum last night to march through the streets in protest of the Roe V Wade overturn, carrying signs and chanting pro-choice messages.

“Free choice is a human right”, said one sign.

“If the foetus you ‘save’ is gay, will you still protect its right?” said another.

Sydney is set to hold their rally at 1pm, despite storms drenching the city.

These protests were sparked by the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade, a ruling that has protected abortion rights in the US since 1973. The decision triggered the immediate outlawing of the procedure in multiple states.

While some are questioning the reason to protest an American law here in Australia, many are worried about the precedent it sets on our own shores.

Some politicians in Australia have been vocal about their pro-choice stance, including Australia’s Former Assistant Minister for Women, Amanda Stoker of the Liberal party, who proudly spoke at a pro-life rally in Brisbane earlier this year.

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