Neighbour’s brutal note on new fence

Neighbour’s brutal note on new fence

A man has been left furious after his neighbour put up a nearly two-metre fence between their gardens and posted a brutal list of rules on the new structure.

A pensioner has been left furious after his neighbour put up a 6ft-tall (1.8-metre) fence between their gardens.

Peter Laver, 73, returned from a weekend away to find neighbour Nicholas Williams had put up the structure, The Sun reported.

Mr Williams had also nailed a note to the fence warning people not to trespass.

But Mr Laver insists he has every right to walk into the garden located in the coastal town of Weymouth in Southern England.

The fence blocks access laid out in the property deed – which was agreed when he bought the land to build his house 13 years ago.

Mr Laver claims he needs access to maintain drainage and look after boundary.

Regardless, Mr Williams placed a note on the fence which read: “This space has been created only for our use.

“Any such request for access is to be in writing with at least 4 weeks’ notice of exact details of work and time required.”

However, Mr Laver insisted he was in the right.

“I have a right to go into his garden any time – it’s there in black in white that I have a right of access to the land,” he told The Sun.

Mr Laver claimed that according to the deeds of his home he has the “right at all times of the day to enter with agents workmen and equipment upon the retained land as and when necessary for the purpose of inspecting repairing, maintaining and renewing the walls of the property.”

“It was the first time I’d been in the garden since they moved in three years ago,” he added.

“They were happy for me to go in there then when I was helping them build it.

“I gave them all the equipment, did all the digger driving, and let them use my drive to get to the garden. I did everything for them.”

Mr Williams declined comment.

This comes after The Sun also reported on a bitter land feud between Leicestershire neighbours who both claim rights to a garden space between their houses.

44-year-old dad Paul Kironji Gatu blasted his neighbours for putting up a 6ft fence “an arm’s length” from his front door to stop his son playing on land they are fighting over.

Mr Gatu was left fuming after a brand new fence was built to block his three-year-old son Malichi from a garden where he kept a trampoline, slide and swings.

The father had always thought the patch of grass right outside his house belonged to him, as it could only be accessed from his path and his family were the only ones to use it.

However, when he attempted to buy his house Mr Gatu found that the council had sold the side garden to his neighbours Ann and Ben Parratt years prior.

Mr Gatu claims the land was sold “accidentally” to Mr and Mrs Parratt, and has been locked in a legal contest for the land with them.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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