Neighbour scores ‘free’ fence in petty dispute

Neighbour scores ‘free’ fence in petty dispute

A man whose neighbour put up a brand new fence right in front of his has ended up having the last laugh.

The TikTok user posting under the name Alex McCormick uploaded a video sharing the result of the neighbourly dispute, which has racked up over 2000 views.

Alex seemingly had a disagreement with a “petty” neighbour which resulted in them erecting a new fence – but found a way to come out on top, The US Sun reports.

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The footage starts by showing his neighbour’s fresh fence accompanied with the words “how to get a new fence for free”.

As the camera pans away from the brand new fence, viewers can see panels from an old, discoloured fence lying on the ground in his garden.

And Alex reveals that he has discovered “how to get a new fence for free” in three steps:

“1. Have your petty neighbour build a new fence directly against yours.”

He then follows this by saying: “2. Tear out your old fence. 3. Profit???”

It is unclear from the video what exactly caused the apparent dispute and who is actually in the wrong.

However, one thing we can be sure of is that Alex’s method of getting a brand new fence is certainly outside-the-box thinking.

This article originally appeared in The US Sun and was reproduced with permission

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