Malaysia’s chicken export ban to end on Aug 31: Minister

Malaysia's chicken export ban to end on Aug 31: Minister

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries Ronald Kiandee said the country’s export ban on chickens is set to end on Aug 31.

“This intervention is temporary, and is scheduled to end on Aug 31 at this point,” Mr Kiandee said in parliament on Thursday (Aug 4). 

He was replying to Kluang MP Wong Shu Qi’s follow-up question during ministerial question time. 

Calling the decision to ban exports a wrong move, Ms Wong said the ban had caused Singapore to diversify its food sources and purchase chickens from other neighbouring countries.

“We have lost a market. So no matter whether we reopen or allow exports again, we have lost a customer,” Ms Wong said. 

In response, Mr Kiandee reiterated that the ban was temporary and that similar protectionist steps had been taken by other countries which were facing shortages of food supplies.

“When conditions are stable all over the country – not just oversupply in a few locations, but all across the country – of course the government will decide to allow exports,” he said.

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