‘I used to take meth’: Model’s bizarre excuse

‘I used to take meth’: Model’s bizarre excuse

A former Instagram influencer who served a prison sentence over a series of burglaries has been called to court again, this time for ignoring a Covid “stay at home” order at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Daily Telegraph reported Monique Marina Agostino, 27, had previously pleaded not guilty to one count each of not complying with a Covid order and one count of possessing a prohibited drug.

She was on parole when the car she was travelling in, driven by another person, was pulled over in Crows Nest in Sydney at 3am on August 21.

Police found methamphetamine in Agostino’s purse during the stop.

“I used to take meth. I didn‘t know that was in there,” she told police.

Police then told the occupants of the car that they were “not satisfied that driving (the woman) home was a reasonable excuse to be outside” and charged Agostino, and the others, for breaching the public health order at the time.

Under the NSW Government public health orders, people were told to stay at home unless they had a reasonable excuse to travel beyond a permitted radius of their home.

Magistrate Rami Attia convicted Agostino on both counts after she failed to appear in Manly Court on Friday.

The magistrate said that with “regard to her extensive criminal record” he would fine Agostino $1000 for breaching the stay at home order.

She was fined an additional $600 for possessing 0.3 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

The Manly Daily previously reported Agostino had previous convictions of driving juvenile males to break into cafes and convenience stores on the northern beaches in 2018.

She was also previously convicted of stealing a $90 jacket from Supre, possessing a knife and drugs, including ‘ice’.

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