I threw away Bitcoin worth $261million

I threw away Bitcoin worth $261million

A devastated man who threw out a hard drive containing $261million of Bitcoin wants to use robot “dogs” to dig it out of a tip.

James Howells, 37, stored Bitcoin on the computer in 2009 when the currency was almost worthless.

He chucked it away by mistake in 2013 but the value has since soared.

The IT engineer wants to spend $19million hiring a firm used by Nasa to use robot dogs to dig through rubbish at a landfill site in his latest bid to retrieve the fortune.

James said: “This is the most professional operation we’ve put together.

“It’s a serious proposal, we are capable of completing this task to a very high standard.”

Nasa hired AI firm Ontrack’s “dogs” to recover a hard drive from the 2003 Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Experts at the firm say up to 90 per cent of the Bitcoin fortune can be recovered.

If the three-year plan works, James will turn the site in Newport, south Wales, into a solar farm with wind turbines.

But Newport City Council said his proposals “pose significant ecological risk which we cannot accept, and are prevented from considering by the terms of our permit”.

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