Huge blow for Rishi Sunak as Sajid Javid backs Liz Truss in race to Number 10

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Sajid Javid has thrown his support behind Liz Truss as the next Conservative Party leader, in what will come as a huge blow to Rishi Sunak.

The former health secretary, and ex-leadership hopeful, attacked Mr Sunak’s economic policies as he revealed his choice in The Times this evening.

He suggested Mr Sunak’s refusal to cut taxes meant the UK risks “sleepwalking into a high-tax, low-growth economy” with a loss of “global influence and power”.

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Whereas he said Ms Truss had a “bold agenda” that can beat Labour and “save Britain from sliding into the middle ranks”.

He wrote: “Some claim that tax cuts can only come once we have growth. I believe the exact opposite – tax cuts are a prerequisite for growth.

“Tax cuts now are essential. There are no risk-free options in government. However, in my view, not cutting taxes carries an even greater risk.”

Mr Javid is the latest high profile Tory MP to back Ms Truss, after she received the support of Tom Tugendhat and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace last week.

The foreign secretary’s bid for the Tory leadership was also boosted by two surveys giving her massive leads.

She won a 34-percentage point lead over Mr Sunak in a YouGov poll of party members, before a survey for the ConservativeHome website put her 32 ahead.

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