Home Medical Care: Liquid medication


The simplest way to give your cat liquid medication is to squirt it into the back of the mouth using an eyedropper or syringe (hypodermic or infant ear type). For most liquid medicines your veterinarian will provide you with the tool necessary to administer the medication; if not, request the necessary item and also request a demonstration of its use.

To administer a liquid, grasp your cat’s head as if you were going to give a pill, then slip the dropper between the rear teeth and squirt in the liquid; or if the mouth is open far enough, just squirt the liquid onto the back of the tongue. Keep the cat’s nose pointed upward while the liquid is swallowed. Otherwise, the cat will tend to shake his or her head and spit out the medicine. Give only small amounts at a time (1/4 teaspoonful, 1 cc) and allow swallowing to occur between each portion to avoid causing the cat to choke or inhale the liquid.