Explosive unheard allegations by Depp’s ex finally revealed

Explosive unheard allegations by Depp’s ex finally revealed

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Ellen Barkin said a “world of violence” surrounds the actor, according to newly unsealed court documents from his suit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Barkin testified in a videotaped deposition, which was played for jurors during the live-streamed defamation trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia.

However, some of her most damning statements were not admitted in trial.

Barkin said that Depp, 59, hurled a bottle of wine across a hotel room when the two were on location filming the 1998 movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

He had been fighting with his friends and the bottle was not thrown at her, she said.

“I wasn’t shocked,” Barkin said of Depp chucking the bottle, according to a transcript of the deposition taken November 22, 2019.

“There is always an air of violence around him. He’s a yeller. He is verbally abusive. And those things you can see.”

The pair dated for a few months in 1997, and the fling ended acrimoniously when Depp abruptly stopped talking to her.

The actress described him as a “jealous man, controlling.”

Barkin said Depp was always inebriated or high. “He was drunk all the time,” she told lawyers for Depp and Heard, adding that he used cocaine, hallucinogens and marijuana in her presence.

However, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was not all bad, Barkin said.

He was extremely kind to her two children. The actress said that while he was loving toward those he cared for, he was cruel to people he viewed as beneath him. He referred to his assistant as “pig” instead of by his real name, Barkin told the lawyers.

“There is just a world of violence,” she said of the way Depp treated some people.

In 2010, the two briefly reconnected at Cannes Film Festival. Depp brought her a glass of champagne and the duo talked, Barkin recalled.

“I told him how awful he had treated me, and he was clearly making some kind of sexual move, which I just left his villa,” she said.

After a six-week trial, a Virginia jury awarded Depp $US10.35 million on June 1, finding that Heard had defamed him by referring to herself as a domestic abuse victim in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed.

The panel also gave Heard $US2 million on a single claim in her countersuit, finding that Depp, through his lawyer Adam Waldman, had defamed Heard by calling her allegations a “hoax.”

Both sides have filed notices of appeal, but the verdict has been perceived as a sweeping victory for Depp, with the jury rejecting the Aquaman actress’ claims he sexually and physically assaulted her.

Judge Penney Azcarate unsealed a trove of court papers on July 13 containing unflattering allegations against both Depp and Heard that jurors never got to hear.

A transcript of a videotaped deposition of Jennifer Howell, the former boss of Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, undermined Heard’s testimony that she did not slice off the tip of Depp’s finger during a vicious row in Australia in 2015.

Depp testified that Heard hurled a vodka bottle at him that smashed on his hand, severing a piece of his digit.

“[Henriquez] just screamed, ‘She’s done it now. She’s cut off his God damn finger,’” Howell said. “I pushed my chair back. I was like, What? And she goes, ‘She cut off his finger. She cut off his finger,’ and then she bolted out the door.”

This part of Howell’s deposition was not played in court.

The unsealed documents also revealed that Depp’s former assistant, Stephen Deuters, had profusely apologised to Heard in 2014 after Depp allegedly kicked her on a private flight from New York to Los Angeles.

She testified about the attack, which Depp denied happened when he took the stand.

“I’m sad he does not have a better way to really know the severity of his actions yesterday,” Deuters texted Heard.

“Unfortunately for me, I remember them in full, in full detail, everything that happened. He was appalled, when I told him he kicked you, he cried.”

The text messages were not admitted at the trial.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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