‘Emotional’ moment missing family rescued

‘Emotional’ moment missing family rescued

Footage has emerged of the moment a family of four were found after they went missing without food and water for more than two days in outback NSW.

Mother Darian Aspinall, 27, and her two young children aged two and four – along with their grandmother, Lead Gooding, 50 – were travelling from Queensland to Adelaide in an effort to move states when their Google maps directed them off track and they got bogged.

The family were found by a helicopter crew who spotted their vehicle along a dirt road in southeast Tibooburra in far northwest NSW on Tuesday.

AeroTech Hems pilot Nick Shrew said the family were waving their clothes in the air in an effort to get his attention.

“The ladies there were waving at us and so as we passed down one side I opened the window and waved back at them to let them know that we’d seen them,” he said.

“It was plainly clear when we landed and got out of the aircraft the sense of relief that they had, it was an emotional moment.”

It is believed that the family walked for four hours for help before returning to their car.

Detective Inspector Tom Aylett warned residents against GPS systems that reroute to roads “that aren‘t accessible” in a press conference on Tuesday.

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