Block star hits back at Shaynna Blaze

Block star hits back at Shaynna Blaze

Block star Sharon Johal is far from Shaynna Blaze’s biggest fan after the interior designer’s harsh critique of her first room of the competition.

The former Neighbours actress took the opportunity to take a cheeky dig at the Block judge on Wednesday night, pointing out the details she seemingly missed while judging her and husband Ankur’s bathroom last week.

It comes after the couple were accused of failing to acknowledge the heritage features of the 1980s build in their main bathroom, with Shaynna so irked by their choice of design, she said: “This is the grand dame, the jewel in the crown. Are you going to treat her like this? Because if you’re going to treat her like this, you’re going to have to deal with me.”

But now, Sharon says her styling choices did pay respect to the bones of the house, pointedly telling producers: “There were two things that room that were from the 1890s, but Shaynna, who claims to love antiques, didn’t recognise either of them.”

After collecting vintage homewares for their guest room this week, Sharon joked that she’d be making sure they weren’t missed by Shaynna.

“I think I’ll write a note next to the pieces and say ‘Shaynna’, with a big arrow to say this is an antique from the 1890s.”

“She’ll be your best friend after this,” husband Ankur said sarcastically.

“She doesn’t watch the show, I’m sure,” Sharon responded with a laugh.

It comes after glamorous actress-turned-lawyer Sharon was left in tears over her and Ankur’s first-ever critique, going on to declare on Tuesday that she’d given up all hope for a win this year.

Sharon and Ankur came dead last for bathroom week with a score of 20.5, with a deflated Sharon telling producers through tears: “It just feels like I got it completely wrong, again. The choices that got caned today – they were mine.

“I’m over it and it’s week one, basically. I’m over it, and I’m so tired, and … maybe I don’t have a clue.”

Elsewhere during Wednesday night’s episode, Sharon and Ankur were pipped to the post at selecting their first choice of real estate agent, with Tom and Sarah-Jane snapping them up instead.

It has left the renovation rookies lagging behind the other teams again.

The Block: Tree Change continues Sunday night from 7.30pm on Channel 9

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