Biloela family granted permanent residency after long immigration battle

Biloela family granted permanent residency after long immigration battle

The “Biloela family” of asylum seekers have finally been granted permanent visas to stay in Australia after a long immigration battle.

The Nadesalingam family spent four years in detention until their release a few months ago.

In June, the new Labor government allowed the family to return to the Queensland town of Biloela while they awaited the result of their case.

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Andrew Giles on Friday confirmed the Department of Home Affairs had granted Priya, Nades, Kopika and Tharnicaa permanent visas.

“This Government made a commitment before the election that, if elected, we would allow the family to return to Biloela and resolve the family’s immigration status. Today, the Government has delivered on that promise,” a statement read.

“This decision follows careful consideration of the Nadesalingam family’s complex and specific circumstances.

“I extend my best wishes to the Nadesalingam family.

“During the past two months, the Government has demonstrated we will continue to intercept and return any unauthorised vessels seeking to reach Australia.

“For anyone who attempts to migrate via an unauthorised boat to Australia – you will be caught, returned or sent to a regional processing country.

“I do not want people to die in a boat on a journey when there is zero chance of settling in Australia.

“This has not changed since the last Government. We are not considering changing this policy.

“This Government remains committed to Operation Sovereign Borders and stopping people smuggling.

“We will continue to intercept any unauthorised vessel seeking to reach Australia, and safely return those on board to their point of departure or country of origin or take them to a regional processing country.”

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