2 Newark Police Officers Shot by Gunman on Rooftop, Official Says

2 Newark Police Officers Shot by Gunman on Rooftop, Official Says

Two police officers were shot on Tuesday afternoon by a gunman perched on a rooftop in Newark, the largest city in New Jersey, a state official said.

State Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, who represents the city in the state legislature, said one officer was shot in the neck and the other officer was shot in the leg by a gunman firing a long gun from the roof of a building in the area. He said the injured officers had been taken to University Hospital in Newark.

“We don’t know what the end result is going to be,” said Mr. Caputo. “It’s traumatic. In this day and age you never know when something like this is going to happen.”

The police blocked off several blocks of Chancellor Avenue, a residential area of tidy homes and neat lawns, and emergency vehicles swarmed the scene on Tuesday afternoon. Several helicopters hovered overhead.

Mr. Caputo said the neighborhood, known as Newark’s South Ward, was “a nice area,” but that “in this day and age no place is immune to violence.”

The Newark Police Department made little information publicly available in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. The injured officers were not publicly identified, and no information about their condition was available. The identity of the shooter and the motive for the attack also were not known.

Barry Eisen, the manager of a building at 103 Chancellor Ave., said he got a panicked phone call on Tuesday from the building superintendent, who said he had seen a man he knew in the area with a weapon.

“The super saw the rifle,” Mr. Eisen said.

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey said he was “aware of and closely monitoring an unfolding situation in Newark.”

“I am in touch with local authorities and the State is providing resources as requested,” he said on Twitter. “We will continue to support local law enforcement and ensure that all residents are safe.”

The shooting comes amid growing concerns over crime and disorder in New York and across the country, although official statistics sometimes complicate those fears.

Crime in New York City approached record lows before the pandemic, and remains safer that at many times in its troubled past. The number of murders in the city is lower than in many other large cities in the United States, but crimes like burglary, auto theft, rape and felony assault have risen significantly in recent years.

The shooting on Tuesday happened a short distance from Newark Liberty International Airport, a major gateway for travelers and commerce to the New York region.

Nearby, normal life seemed to continue despite the violence a few streets away. High school students filled the sidewalk after they were dismissed at the end of the school day. Not so high above the police tape and emergency vehicles, the roar of airplanes flying low into and out of Newark airport could be heard.

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